Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prophecy and The road to Armageddon

I love Prophecy. Those that know me probably think I go way overboard with it. They speak about fear a lot, or being scared of this or that. Reality it. I love Prophecy for this simple fact. They are God's own promises to all of mankind. Many prophecies have already been fulfilled and more are continuing today.

Many will not look into Prophecy cause they think it all about Doom and Gloom. This is what people say that really have never read the Prophecies of the Bible. Fact is, the very worse part of so called end time prophecy is only about 7 years. 3 1/2 are the very worse part. That's not even a full Presidential term. Think about it.

Many also tend to forget what happens after that 7 years. For the first time in History there will be real peace for 1000 years. It's not the End of the World yet. I'm not sure where people get all that from. It's not doom and gloom, simply because it will just be gearing up for Christ's return.

See so many people have not looked into these Words written down buy the Prophets. But, I tend to find so many just not reading the Bible at all. Yet they claim to Christian. I think they follow the Religion more than they do Christ Himself.
He is Alive and Well. Not dead. He speaks to his own. But to those who do not know Him. They will not hear.

A little bit about History, Isreal, Islam, and Armageddon. Be sure to watch all of these. As I watched all of these. I didn't really see it go out of term and lined up with the World of God. I'm impressed.

Enjoy, let me know what you think.